Memphis Stone & Gravel Company News


The week of September 25, the team at Fly Pit participated in their second CLAIRE event. Their first CLAIRE was in 2013 and the differences were noticed by those who were present for that event also. James “Bubba” Dukes, Plant Foreman, was quick to note, “This time was a lot cleaner. We removed two 5-gallon buckets of grease four years ago, but we didn’t even have a half-gallon this time.” Solomon Trantham, a 27-year veteran employee, agreed, saying that it was all about stewardship. “When you appreciate what you have, you take better care of it. That made it a lot easier this time.” The true evidence of improved stewardship was demonstrated when it came time to inspect the freshly-cleaned equipment, a front-end loader and a track hoe. For both pieces of equipment, a total of 11 defects was found. This is remarkable, given that one piece of equipment is nearly 20 years old.

The event marked the inaugural CLAIRE for Brian Starr, as this is his first year as our TPR Coordinator. “I couldn’t have asked for a better first CLAIRE,” said Brian. “You guys set the bar.” The sentiment was seconded by Eddie Ragsdale, Operations Manager for Memphis Stone & Gravel Co. He also commented on the purchase price for new equipment then added, “We have some old competition who is giving us some more competition. But, your efforts are giving us the competitive edge.” 

Aided by consultant, Billie Hester, the team was comprised of (pictured from left to right) Bud Leland, Steve Simpson, Jermaine Winfield, Jermol Brock, Alvern Phipps, Solomon Trantham, Dylan Bolton, Waylon Dukes, Billy Edwards, and Bubba Dukes.