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Sustainability Month Series – Part One: Memphis Stone & Gravel Company

Aggregate mining is often faced with strong community opposition due to concerns about environmental impacts, effects on property values and increased traffic. Lehman-Roberts Company and Memphis Stone & Gravel Company have demonstrated that the modern mining cycle does not require a community to accept aggregate development at the expense of environmental protection and quality of life.

As part of Sustainability Month, we will highlight the sustainable business practices of these two companies and how those practices provide a solid foundation to meeting the demands of a “social license” to operate.

Memphis Stone & Gravel Company advocates the concept of sustainability as adopted by our primary trade association, which is the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association. This is essentially an approach to doing business that integrates three core values that must be factored into every business decision: economic prosperity, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

A few examples of our sustainable planning and operating concepts include the following:

  • Development of a site-specific plan for post-mining land use and/or reclamation that engages stakeholders in planning for future needs and interests.
  • Adoption and implementation an Environmental Management System program to properly manage potential environmental risks and requirements and improve overall environmental performance.
  • Improvement of the operational, safety, health and environmental efficiency of our operations.
  • Partnerships to promote beneficial post-mining land use, including industrial, commercial, residential and community development, agricultural production, wildlife conservation and habitat creation and restoration.

Mining involves very intense land use and will often result in dramatically modifying the existing landscape. However, with proper planning and oversight, the activity will result in a positive outcome for the company, land owners and community.