Memphis Stone & Gravel Company News

Tenure Awards – Spring/Summer 2021

We’ve established a family that loves and respects each other and the work we do. That’s why we take great pride in the dedication and fortitude of our team.

Congratulations to our teammates who achieved milestones in the first half of 2021. We thank you for your service!

5-Year Anniversaries:

Monica Otieno – Admin Support Team, Assistant Controller

Jay Mabon – Manufacturing, North Plant Crew

Giovanni Morales-Hernandez – Manufacturing, North Plant Crew

Clayborn Robertson – Lowboy Driver

Marvin Stokes – Construction, Wright Crew

Cameron Collins – Construction, Collins Crew Foreman

Aaron Baggett – Construction, Wright Crew

Lankston Phillips – Manufacturing, Crusher Team

Corbin Moore – Geologist / QA/QC Specialist

10-Year Anniversaries:

Thomas Grady – Manufacturing, DeSoto Plant Crew

Keith Taylor – Manufacturing, Taylor Crew Foreman

Walter Shoemaker Jr. – Construction, Minga Crew

Donald Fletcher – Director of Quality Control

Marlo Pryor – Construction, Ketchum Crew

Alvin Reese – Construction, Robinson Crew

Will Castle – Project Management Team

Eric Lowstuter – Project Management Team

Alton Singleton – Construction, Collins Crew

15-Year Anniversaries:

Harold Edwards – Safety Specialist

Jonathan Cobb – Manufacturing, Plant 1 Foreman

Dennis Harrod – Construction Superintendent

Crystal Murry – Construction, Franklin Crew

Noe Rogelio Santos Hernandez – Manufacturing, North Plant Crew

20-Year Anniversaries:

Billy Wayne Riggs – Construction, Watt Crew

William J. Whipple – Manufacturing, Plant 5 Crew

Dennis Knight – Manufacturing, Plant 11 Foreman

25-Year Anniversaries:

Markeith Cummings – Manufacturing, Perry Plant Crew

John Paul Finerson – Vice President of Production

William Witherspoon – Operations Support Team

Jobe Madison – Vice President of Project Management

Herman Ray McCarver Jr. – Asset Management, Field Mechanic Team

35-Year Anniversaries:

Richard Shankle – Superintendent of Plant Maintenance