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CI Corner: 2021 Safety Perception Survey Findings

In July, our team conducted a company-wide Safety Perception Survey to gauge the current health of our safety culture. 223 survey responses and 54 interviews later, members of the Safety Steering Team (SST) along with members of the leadership team, have received a full debrief of these results.

Overall, we have moved further down the road of safety excellence! Perception scores increased from our previous data collected in 2019. In addition, we had high participation and received great data that we can use to focus our efforts.

The findings also illuminated several strengths and areas of opportunity for our team. At its highest level, one statistic stuck out to us and demonstrated that we’ve taken a step in the right direction: 99.4% of every employee that responded to the survey believes that the organization actively encourages them to work safely.

Members of the SST ultimately agreed to let these findings point us in the right direction for the focus of Continuous Improvement Team #3. It was voted that CI Team #3 would focus on building our Peer System that aims to help facilitate the onboarding and training process for new teammates.

We’d like to share a special thanks to our people for their participation, as well as Caterpillar Safety Services for their partnership. Ultimately, total team commitment in this journey is our most critical indicator of success.