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Introducing the New Leadership Engagement Team

The journey to an organization that is “best in class” requires much reflection, growth, input, and debate. With that goal in mind, we set out to create a team that would apply their talents to do just that. Our family of companies is excited to unveil the new Leadership Engagement Team (LET)

Facilitated by senior leadership, the LET is comprised of departmental leaders and those with strong relationships throughout the organization. As part of this team, their day-to-day efforts will seek to facilitate more excellent communication, viewpoints and understanding by cascading communication and initiatives to and from the Executive Leadership Team.

“With continuous improvement as one of our base values, our family of companies strives for excellence in all things. We know full well that this goal can be attained only through the collaboration of our team. Who better to serve as a sounding board for that collaboration than our very own front-line leaders?” said Pat Nelson, Chairman and CEO. “We look forward to the added benefits that the Leadership Engagement Team will lend to our culture and most importantly, our people.”

Ultimately, this team will be responsible for:

  • Deliberation and input with the ELT into strategic plans.
  • Hearing, debating, understanding, and helping to communicate the “why” for any new tactical initiatives.
  • Leading and communicating with alignment into the organization.

Please join us in congratulating the following group and thank them for serving all to make our company even better:

Melanie Stinson
Jarod Riles
Howard Green
Eddie Ragsdale
Dennis Harrod
Don Fletcher
David Middleton
Will Castle
Alan Parks
Eric Lowstuter