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Celebrating William Witherspoon’s Retirement

Celebrating William Witherspoon’s Retirement

William Witherspoon, lovingly referred to as “Spoon,” joined the Lehman-Roberts/Memphis Stone & Gravel team back in the ’80s. Starting as a haul driver, it didn’t take long for him to become a beloved addition to our team. 

His positive personality, love for all things college football, and deep care for others have set the bar high in what a picture of our core value of relationships truly looks like. Oftentimes, Spoon sought out the best – the best version of himself and others. 

Spoon assisting a local classroom on MLK Day of Service 2019

Although he is never one to brag, he had a number of thriving athletic talents in his youth. After starting archery in 1947 at the age of 9, he spent the next few decades sharpening his skills. Eventually, he placed 4th in the Worlds for his division and won quite a few state tournaments and regional titles. His skills also extended to a love for baseball and football, where he made the football all-star team for Memphis at just 15 years old.

Spoon pictured standing (top right)

Yet with all of these talents, Spoon’s number one motive was always in the interest of others. In fact, that is arguably what he is best known for. Whether it be lending his time, sharing his stories, passing along football memorabilia, or even surprising members of the team with candy, he’s certainly spent the years giving to others. Many tenured teammates reminisce on the days when Spoon started every morning (without fail) making breakfast for the team.

Jarod Riles, General Superintendent and Spoon’s supervisor, remarked, “Spoon has always been dependable. He was always the first person at the office every morning.” Jarod added, “Spoon is dedicated to his job and cares deeply about the company and the people here. He’s always taken care of all the crew members that have come in [the office] needing things.”

Since Spoon is known for his love of a good story, we felt it was only fitting to hear firsthand from him about what his time with our family of companies has been like:

What roles have you held over the years?

“I was haul driver, and then switched to this job here – administrative office support for the operations [division].”

Do you remember your first day? Did you think ever think you would end up retiring from here?

“Yes, I went up to Covington, Tennessee in a dump truck, hauling asphalt for a patching job. I worked 14 hours that day. That was 1988, I believe.” He added, “I never was one to jump jobs. I’ve only had two jobs my whole life.”

What did you enjoy most about the work over the years?

“Just working with the team that I’ve gotten to work with. I’ve worked with some good people, and I’ve had good relationships. They’ve just treated me [really well]. They’re like my family.” He closed his remarks with, “[The company] has always been good to me and I’ve always enjoyed working with all of the leaders. I hold a lot of respect for the people here.”

What are you planning on enjoying in retirement?

“Fishing and spending time with my daughter on her farm… Maybe also a little hunting and watching Ole Miss football.”

Spoon, we thank you for your incredible years of service. Your intention to seek out the best in yourself and others have inspired many. We wish you many years of happiness, health, and prosperity!