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WHO Behind What We Do: Danielle Moore, Logistics Dispatch

Multi-tasking. It’s often something required of many jobs, especially in the construction world when multiple projects and due dates are on the line. Those who do it well pull it off without any snags in planning. Those who excel at it go above and beyond in ensuring all parties are more than satisfied. When it comes to our family of companies, many will tell you that Danielle Moore, Logistics Dispatch, is one of our local multi-tasking queens.

Danielle joined the team back in 2017. Since then, she has always worked closely with trucking partners in some capacity. Starting as a ticket writer, Danielle would spend her days helping to fulfill haul orders at Perry and DeSoto wash plants. After later joining the sales team at our home office, Danielle was then appointed to her current role on the logistics team at the start of 2022.

Danielle Moore, Logistics Dispatch

Serving as the first line of communication for our numerous truckers, Danielle is dispatching and steadily working behind the scenes to orchestrate and fill shifts for each of our projects. Her supervisor, Will Castle (Director of Logistics), shared, “If it wasn’t for Danielle’s work in this, our jobs would come to a complete halt. She’s really willing to go above and beyond, even if that means working until 8 or 9 p.m. sometimes.”

John Paul Finerson (VP of Manufacturing) mirrored that sentiment, stating, “Trucking materials is the lifeblood of most everything we do as an enterprise. Danielle has quickly become the heart pump of that stream of materials. She is consistently monitoring available stockpiles in house, in addition to those of our vendors, all while maintaining relationships with truckers, vendors, and our foremen.”

After hearing these impressive compliments, it would make sense that our core value of relationships would be a huge strength of Danielle’s. Will went on to share, “Those partnerships with other divisions and independent haulers are key. I see logistics as the glue that ties everything together… manufacturing to operations. Danielle is talking to plants for manufacturing, foremen, superintendents… you name it. She’s the point person for that communication.”

Will also remarked on the trust that Danielle has built up with our trucking partners: “We’ll have truckers call and say, ‘Danielle is just awesome. She always has the best attitude and is always pleasant to talk to.’”

Jeremy Ramberg (SVP of Construction) went on to add, “As I think about people that exude our company’s core values, Danielle immediately comes to mind, especially with continuous improvement. I have been inspired by Danielle’s growth in the company.”

Jeremy added, “Every day she tries to improve herself, and by proximity, improve those around her. She has already grown over the past two years, and I am excited to continue watching her growth. Her potential is limitless.”

Suffice to say, we are immensely thankful to have such an above and beyond teammate helping to make our logistics department successful day in and day out. With this in mind, we are honored to celebrate Danielle Moore as our team’s next WHO Behind What We Do. Thank you for all that you do, Danielle!