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Administrative Professionals Essential For Success

When most people think of a construction company, it’s likely that pictures of dozers or loaders first come to mind. While we have several team members working on project sites to ensure success, we also have several others working behind the scenes to provide day-to-day support. Overall, their important contributions are essential for smooth operations. Three team members in particular who are applauded for their dedication through roles of administrative support are Terisha Cosey, Kathy Richardson, and Lisa Tubbs.

Terisha Cosey

Administrative Assistant


Terisha “Rish” Cosey joined the team in September 2023 as an Administrative Assistant. Since then, she has built up a rapport with office staff and beyond, directing calls, supporting new employee orientations, and providing assistance to all departments as needed.

Melanie Stinson, Director of HR, remarked, “Rish supports the office as a whole and provides a welcoming space when visitors walk in.”

She continued, “More importantly, Rish treats everyone [with respect and care] through her peaceful and humble spirit. She’s one of the foundations of relationship-building here.”

Tanjala McEwen, HR Generalist, added, “Rish has always been very caring and considerate. She is the first face that greets you at the front desk. However, she is often behind the scenes, ensuring her co-workers are celebrated for their birthdays and other special occasions.

Kathy Richardson

Executive Assistant


After joining the team in 2014 in an administrative role, Kathy Richardson transitioned to her current role of Executive Assistant, where she provides support to Pat Nelson, President. While she wears a number of hats, her expertise shines through communication management and more.

Pat laughed, “Kathy and I have a running joke: ‘Can’t you read my mind?’

“That said, Kathy does an amazing job of supporting me and making me more effective, often reading my mind and anticipating what is needed,” said Pat.

He added, “Her work allows me to stay focused on the things that bring the most value. I am immensely grateful.” Nicole Billingsley, Accounting Supervisor, mirrored that statement by adding, “Kathy has many amazing traits. She is incredibly reliable and detail-oriented. Not only does she bring joy and kindness to everyone she meets, but she also prioritizes building strong connections with coworkers throughout the organization. ”

Lisa Tubbs
Office Assistant

Since her start with the team in 2022, Lisa Tubbs has demonstrated a steady, “can-do” attitude. As an Office Assistant, Lisa provides administrative support to the departments of payroll, HR, safety, and more.

Whether she is demonstrating expertise through Excel spreadsheets or data entry, Lisa is known for her above-and-beyond attitude.

Melanie shared, “Lisa can take any task or process and make it better, always with a smile on her face. She wants everything she is responsible for to be the best it can be.”

She continued, “People often leave a conversation with Lisa in a better mood than they were before.” Tanjala closed by adding, “Any task, big or small, she is always willing to help anyone who asks. She is efficient and timely, but most importantly, she is kindhearted.”